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Border Collies and other working dogs

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icons. [25 Jul 2011|10:21pm]

I made some border collie icons because I can never find any, and I'm tired of favoring my other dog (a corgi) when I post. Then I wandered over here to share them and discovered that not only has fantasium already made lots of bc icons, but they are infinitely prettier than mine! Oh well...

(I'm not really too upset. My delight at finding a great icon maker much exceeds any feelings of foolishness.)



No credit needed; I didn't take the photos. You are encouraged to use them as bases, especially if you share the results.

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Sheepdog trial pictures [03 Jul 2011|08:28am]

Yesterday we went to a local sheepdog trial so I could get pictures. I thought I'd share them with everyone!

Onto the pictures!Collapse )

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The littlest sheepdog? [29 Jun 2011|09:02pm]



New Border Collie Community [13 Apr 2011|09:47pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi, anyone who's looking.  I just wanted to let you know that I have created a community specifically focused on border collies.  It's a respectful, fun, interesting, quirky place to be.  If you're interested, visit bordercolliex 

Hope to see you there soon!  Please join.

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Another "Dahlia gets in touch with her inner border collie" picture [13 Apr 2011|08:25am]

Dahlia (my BC/retriever mix) likes to "herd" the ducks and geese at our local park. She really tries her hardest but alas, these are wild ducks/geese and as soon as she gets anywhere near them, they fly off. Here's a picture I got of her stalking them this past weekend.

Stalking dog

I'm a lot further away than it looks like, BTW. I was using a telephoto lens.

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Rocky [27 Dec 2010|09:27pm]

 Uh, Hi

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Membership Settings Change [09 Dec 2010|04:33pm]


I'm posting to let you all know that due to recent spamming, I've updated the community settings to moderated membership. This means that any new members coming in here now will be checked out by me (and messaged if I'm unsure). I apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause some, but for the continuing wellbeing of this community I believe this to be a nescessary move.

I've made some updates in the profile to reflect this, plus a couple of other requirements (i.e, that at least part of all posts be in English, and no content rated above PG). Other than that, everything else remains the same.

Regards ghost_eye ( old_shep Moderator/creator)


[17 Nov 2010|02:19am]

[ mood | artistic ]

This Sunday, my friend, bonus-mother and breeder of my dogs had her 50th birthday! Instead of sending her a card, I made her this slideshow. Seeing as it's full of Border Collies, I figured I would share it with you as well. I hope you will enjoy it! :)

x-posted to phodography and doggypictures, sorry if you had to see this several times! :)

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Pound Puppy Gains Some Pounds! [15 Nov 2010|09:10pm]

Hey everyone out there, just posting some more recent pictures of Jane. I got her from the pound in June and she'd been picked up as a stray, had parasites, and patches of fur missing. She's turned out to be quite the head-turner, as well as being super smart, a great swimmer, running companion, crab herder, and a cuddle bug. She's about one year old now.

You can also check out more of her on my Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/55609547@N07/

I'm new to Flickr so if anyone wants to add me, feel free!

More here, and not all in blues and greensCollapse )

Thanks for looking!

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Kiba [03 Oct 2010|12:46pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Just wanted to say hello to the group and show off my dog Kiba.

I also had a question, since Kiba was a puppy he has always been very submissive. We have learned that you can't raise your voice at him to discipline, we have to actively redirect any behavior. He see's my husband as alpha and because of that if he perceives that he has done something bad he will pee a little. He has always done the OMG so excited pee but now my husband can pet him and he will pee, my husband looks at him he will pee. He just seems scared of my husband, my husband has never laid a hand on him and around me and the children Kiba never displays this behavior.

We did get him from a shelter so don't have much knowledge of his previous owner so I don't know if this means he could have been abused as a pup or not. So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I could make him more comfortable around my husband. Kiba is a great dog and wants everyone to love him, he wants to please us so much I just don't understand his fear. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks guys!

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Agility Training? [24 Sep 2010|09:36am]

Has anyone here done agility training with their BC? I've been thinking of doing it with mine but am not sure where to begin. We've been playing a lot of frisbee and she's begun doing tricks for it, which is great to be moving away from food treats.

These are pictures of my tri-colored pound puppy, Jane. She loves to herd rock crabs, chase the frisbee, learn tricks from the kikopup channel on YouTube, and cuddle.

Jane Eyre, the Mexican-American border collie
Jane!Collapse )

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Re' Spam [24 Sep 2010|09:39pm]

Thanks everyone for the alerts re' the recent spam post, the entry has been removed & reported, and I'm right now in the process of removing and banning the spambot/member.

Apologies also for my delay in responding - I usually check my emails on a daily basis but didn't go online yesterday due to some real-life priorities (which just goes to show what can happen on the web if you take one's eyes off the road..). Anyway, I'll take that event as a reminder to be a lot more vigilant in the future.

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Dahlia explores her inner border collie [16 Aug 2010|12:46pm]

I have a dog we believe is a mix of Border collie and retriever (she could also have Aussie in there instead). This weekend she met goats for the first time ever.

(I hope this is allowed as she's a mix, not a purebred herding breed dog!)

A few pics back hereCollapse )


written test [16 Jul 2010|10:37am]

The Other Coast
July 16, 2010 from www.gocomics.com

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Sponsored Walk [02 Jun 2010|12:03pm]

I apologise to those of you who are going to see this WAY more than once, because I plan on x-posting it all over the place.

At the end of July my dogs and I will be walking the entire length of the Fife Coastal Path (90 miles) in order to raise some money for the Dogs Trust. I've given myself a week to do it but expect to do it a lot quicker than that!

The Dogs Trust is an amazing charity who will NEVER put a healthy dog to sleep, unlike some other rescues and rehoming centres. There is no such thing as an "unadoptable" dog, just a dog that hasn't found the right home yet! In fact, Dogs Trust's longest resident is a black lab who has been with them for an awe inspiring 6 years.

Obviously looking after all the dogs they do takes a lot of money and the Dogs Trust is funded completely by donations from the public. Donations from people like you. I know times are hard just now but even a few pounds here and there will help dogs who need love, care, attention, shelter and food. So please, please, please go over to my JustGiving page and donate what little you can.

I'll be taking my camera along and you'll be able to follow my adventures (post-event) (blogging on the trail is hard...) over at crazydogblog 

Thank you guys!

And Thank You from the 1130 dogs currently in Dogs Trust rehoming centres throughout Britain.

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Agility [10 May 2010|04:34pm]


In case that was community related enough:

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Gocomics.com [02 May 2010|12:49pm]

Speed Bump
May 02, 2010 from www.gocomics.com

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[30 Apr 2010|11:21am]


Resting after a long day...Collapse )

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