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old_shep's Journal

Border Collies and other working dogs
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border collies
This is a community for owners & fans of Border Collies & other working sheepdogs. Any post or discussion relevant to that is welcome here, including pictures, stories, questions, recommendations, Border Collie related art, macros etc - as long as it is rated PG or less, and related to Border Collies & other working sheepdogs. This is a pretty free & easy community, and I'd like it to keep that way - so no flaming or deliberately offensive posts or comments, please :-)

[new] - Due to recent spamming, as of December 2010 membership will be now moderated. I will check out all accounts applying for membership, and if I have any doubts I will message an applicant to make sure their interest & intentions re' this community are genuine.

Also, as this is basically an English language community, if you wish to post here in another language please have at least part of the post in English. You don't have to have perfect written English, this is just so that all other members can know the general topic of your post.

Here is a list of organisations involved on Border Collie or general dog rescue, with name of country or state (where known)

S.A.F.E. (Australia)
Border Collie E-Rescue
Mid-West Border Collie Rescue (US)
Canadian Border Collie Rescue (CANADA)
Southern Ontario Border Collie Rescue (CANADA)
Petfinder (US)
Border Collie Society Of America (US)
Glen Highland Farm (US)
East Tennessee Border Collie Rescue (US)
Border Collie Rescue in Washington and Oregon (US)
Border Collie Rescue of California (US)
New England Border Collie Rescue (US)
The North American Border Collie Rescue Network (US)
Border Collie rescue Australia (AUSTRALIA)
The Border Collie Rescue Society (UK)
The Border Collie Trust (UK)
Border Collie & Sheepdog Rescue (UK)
Lost Dogs UK (UK)
Collienet.com (UK)
Worldwide Dog Rescue

(check with the site to find out if the organisation operates locally or internationally)

Also, please click below to feed an animal in need:

Any questions or problems, pm ghost_eye