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Sponsored Walk

I apologise to those of you who are going to see this WAY more than once, because I plan on x-posting it all over the place.

At the end of July my dogs and I will be walking the entire length of the Fife Coastal Path (90 miles) in order to raise some money for the Dogs Trust. I've given myself a week to do it but expect to do it a lot quicker than that!

The Dogs Trust is an amazing charity who will NEVER put a healthy dog to sleep, unlike some other rescues and rehoming centres. There is no such thing as an "unadoptable" dog, just a dog that hasn't found the right home yet! In fact, Dogs Trust's longest resident is a black lab who has been with them for an awe inspiring 6 years.

Obviously looking after all the dogs they do takes a lot of money and the Dogs Trust is funded completely by donations from the public. Donations from people like you. I know times are hard just now but even a few pounds here and there will help dogs who need love, care, attention, shelter and food. So please, please, please go over to my JustGiving page and donate what little you can.

I'll be taking my camera along and you'll be able to follow my adventures (post-event) (blogging on the trail is hard...) over at crazydogblog 

Thank you guys!

And Thank You from the 1130 dogs currently in Dogs Trust rehoming centres throughout Britain.
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