Crysania (crysania4) wrote in old_shep,

Dahlia explores her inner border collie

I have a dog we believe is a mix of Border collie and retriever (she could also have Aussie in there instead). This weekend she met goats for the first time ever.

(I hope this is allowed as she's a mix, not a purebred herding breed dog!)

She first met them while they were in a pen. She was fascinated and tried to sneak under the fence to get in there with them.


Then the next time she met them while they were out loose in the yard. She spent a bit of time staring at them while they stood in place.


When they began to move, she began attempting to herd them...well, somewhere. We're not sure where, but it was pretty clear that she was trying to get them to move someplace. She followed them around and cut them off when they started running away from her. She ultimately ended up getting the baby goat into a pen (!!) and then went after Mama goat, which was when we decided the goats had probably had enough. It was pretty neat to watch. Here was the one picture I got of her attempting to herd the goats.

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