Nicolie Olie (greywax) wrote in old_shep,
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Just wanted to say hello to the group and show off my dog Kiba.

I also had a question, since Kiba was a puppy he has always been very submissive. We have learned that you can't raise your voice at him to discipline, we have to actively redirect any behavior. He see's my husband as alpha and because of that if he perceives that he has done something bad he will pee a little. He has always done the OMG so excited pee but now my husband can pet him and he will pee, my husband looks at him he will pee. He just seems scared of my husband, my husband has never laid a hand on him and around me and the children Kiba never displays this behavior.

We did get him from a shelter so don't have much knowledge of his previous owner so I don't know if this means he could have been abused as a pup or not. So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I could make him more comfortable around my husband. Kiba is a great dog and wants everyone to love him, he wants to please us so much I just don't understand his fear. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks guys!

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