Crysania (crysania4) wrote in old_shep,

Another "Dahlia gets in touch with her inner border collie" picture

Dahlia (my BC/retriever mix) likes to "herd" the ducks and geese at our local park. She really tries her hardest but alas, these are wild ducks/geese and as soon as she gets anywhere near them, they fly off. Here's a picture I got of her stalking them this past weekend.

Stalking dog

I'm a lot further away than it looks like, BTW. I was using a telephoto lens.
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She is so gorgeous!
Thank you! I tend to think so too, but I figure I might be biased. lol
Congrats on the lens to make that shot so awesome. :)

Dahlia looks incredible. I <3 her coat... and those eyes are mesmerizing. As she intends for the ducks/geese, I'm sure. ;-)

Hugs n kisses from me -- tell her, "Better luck next time."
Lovely! She's so serious! :)

My old dog was 12 years old before she suddenly untapped her "border collie crouch". We figure she was a BC/Aussie X, but who knows. It was incredible to see when she found it.
Wow that must have been a sight to see! Just when you thought that she didn't have it in her, poof there it is. Dahlia's had this sort of crouch (half crouch -- she doesn't get as low as any BC I've seen, but she gets a slight crouch and the head comes down like you see above) since we got her (at around 2 years old). We were told that they thought she was part BC but that she had no BC traits. HA.
WOW! She is beautiful! She looks a lot like my border collie.
Aww thank you! She definitely has some BC in there. Her other half, we think, is some sort of retriever (not that she retrieves!). Her personality is a lot like a BC, only much mellower!